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Chromatography Consumables

Product Image (NEXTY Autoclavable pipettor)

Nexty Autoclavable Pipettor

Price: 13800.00 - 15980.00 INR/Piece
Product Image (NEXTY Partially Autoclavable pipettor)

Nexty Partially Autoclavable Pipettor

Price: 6000.00 - 7500.00 INR/Piece
Product Image (Test Sieves)

Filtra - Stainless Steel Test Sieves

Price: 13000 INR/Unit
  • Equipment Materials:Stainless Steel
  • Delivery Time:1 Months
Product Image (UV Transilluminator(254 & 365Nm))

Analtech Uv Transilluminator

Price: 50000 INR/Unit
  • Delivery Time:1 Months
  • Warranty:1 year
Product Image (UV Cabinets)

Analtech Uv Cabinet

Price: 60000 INR/Unit
  • Delivery Time:1 Months
  • Application:Viewing TLC Plates
  • Warranty:1 year
Product Image (TLC Development Tank)

Analtech Tlc Development Tank

Price: 50000 INR/Unit
  • Warranty:1 year
  • Delivery Time:1 Months
Product Image (Cyclograph)

ANALTECH Centrifugal Cyclograph system

Price: 150000 USD ($)/Unit
  • Delivery Time:2 Months
  • Application:Thin Layer preparative chromatogrpahy
  • Warranty:1 year
Product Image (Lab Viscometer)

Laboratory Viscometer

Price: 100000 INR/Unit
  • Delivery Time:1 Months
  • Warranty:1 years
Product Image (HPLC Columns)

HPLC Columns

Price: 10000.00 - 20000.00 INR/Unit
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Application:Chromatography
Product Image (Al Headspace cap)

20mm Aluminium Head space caps

Price: 1550 INR/Pack

20mm Combination Seal: Aluminium Headspace Cap, clear lacquered, centre hole; Moulded Septa Butyl/PTFE, grey, 50° shore A, 3.0mm

Product Image (JPS Pipettes)

Dispense Pipette

Price: 2500.00 - 4000.00 INR/Unit

Fix and Variable dispense pipettes

Product Image (NEXTY Pipette stand)

Nexty Autoclavable Pipetter

Price: 6200 INR/Piece